MP10S--Soundbar POP Demonstrator

1. Demonstrates up to eight soundbars
2. Keep soundbars awake from entering sleep mode
3. Durable metallic buttons for volume control and product selection
4. Flexible switching between TV sound and soundbars



· Core Functions: audio demo

Soundbar Retail Demonstrator, Keeps Sounbars Awake And Easy To Demo, Flexible Sound Comparison Between TV Speaker And Soundbars(Basic Version).

The MP10S provides a perfect demonstration solution in retail environment, driving immersive 1080P video and digital audio for a loss-free high-quality 
soundbar demonstration. It will auto play demo video files from the root of SD card or USB drive in a loop. The video file is sent to 
demo TV as default. Users can press push buttons to start demo mode: the sound is toggled into the corresponding 
soundbar for X seconds, and X is configured via a text file in the root of SD card, the toggled sound from TV speakers to a dedicated soundbar will return to
TV speakers after X seconds, and re-toggled into soundbar until 
next press, users can adjust the volume via volume up, down and mute buttons.
One Audio Source, Eight Soundbars

This system configuration links eight soundbars which share one audio source. Demonstrating a set number of soundbars in one place, customers
can easily compare audio quality with or without TV screen. Customer interaction is enhanced by push buttons next to soundbars to realize smooth
product switching and volume control. 


RJ11 Based GPIO Control

Easy to use, durable push buttons via RJ11 based GPIO control enhances customers' interaction with low maintance. Moreover, RJ11 socket offers easy installation for AV manufacturers to implement the soundbar demonstration system.

Video Decoder: MPEG1:Max  Bitrate  100Mbps 
MPEG2:Max  Bitrate  100Mbps 
MPEG4-XVID:Max  Bitrate  100Mbps 
DIVX:Max  Bitrate  100Mbps 
H.264:Max  Bitrate  70Mbps 
H.263:Max  Bitrate  100Mbps 
WMV9/VC -1: Max  Bitrate  100Mbps 
RMVB :Max  Bitrate  100Mbps 
Max Frame Rate:30fps 
Max Resolution:1920 x1280 
Video File format:MKV; VOB; PMP; RM/RMVB; MPG; M2TS; FLV; AVI;TS/TP;MP4/M4V;MOV;
                            WMV  Subtitle supported –SRT, ASS, SSA, SUB, SMII format 
Photo Decoder:JPEG PNG BMP GIF 
Audio Decoder:Mp3 WMA OGG FLAC (Lever0 – Lever8)
                        APE AAC AC3 (Ac3 only) ATRA DTS (Dts only) 
Photo Slideshow:Slideshow with Music 
Still Image:Rotation, Zoom, Thumbnail, Auto Slideshiow 
TV system:Supports maxium 1080P output 
I/O Connectors 
Video Output:Composite Video output                           
HDMI 1.4 1080P output                       
Component Video output (YUV) 
Audio Output:FL/FR Output, Optical Output, HDMI output 
Connectivity:1XUSB2.0 High Speed HOST port SD/MMC optional 
LED Color:Power ON, Power OFF
Remote Control:IR
Customizable Solution:

Logo silkprint on unit;
Demo mode configuration;
Peripherals: HDMI cable, optical cable, push buttons.

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