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Import & Source ultra-slim 13.3 inch Android Netbook Dualcore featuring 1280x800 high-definition, WiFi & RJ45 ethernet, for low-cost but luxury family electronic gift, from China

Android Netbook PC is a hybrid android connected device, after Apple's move to Pro-PC mobile device by introducing 64-bit ARM processor powered iPhone 5S, Android Netbooks become more and more attractive as a luxury family electronic gift. Who may need Android Netbook instead of Android tablet ? For people who may think Android tablet is easily to get damaged as a portable device, For people who may need to train their children PC typing as well as some basic office software. For people who need an off-work notebook for family enterntainment. This ultra-thin 13.3 inch Android netbook does all the required.

· Size: Android Netbook
· Core: Dual Core
· Google Mobile Services Availability: No Google Mobile Services - No GMS
· ARM Architecture: Cortex A9
· Aspect Ratio: 16 by 9
· High Definition: with HDMI interface
· Material:
· Function: WiFi only tablet PC
N1301--Netbook:13.3 Inch Dualcore Android Netbook

Netbook PC:Super Slim 1280x800 HD,VIA 8880 Dual Core Low-cost But Luxury Family Gift  

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