iView--Interactive Touchscreen Display With Content Editor

Touch Screen Advertising POP And Interactive LCD Signage Displays
High resolution touch screen with cutting-edge calibration algorithm, available in 7”, 10.1”, 11.6",  13.3”, 14“,15.6”, 18.5”, 21.5", 24", 27" and 32";
optional open frame or enclosed chassis, programming your content with multi-layerd touch interaction to deliver the exact sales message.



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Interactive Touch Screen: free software to design advertising content layout

Capacitive touchscreen available, Android based
Available in 7”, 10.1”, 11.6",  13.3”, 14“,15.6”, 18.5”, 21.5", 24", 27" and 32";
Available in open frame or enclosed chassis;
Program your content with multi-layerd touch interaction to deliver the exact sales message;
1).Timer function: When a video ends or a JPEG times out, play next predefined file automatically.
2).Support 8-level Volume adjustment / Mute by touching the screen;
3).Easily create the action scrips for every page as well as the touch spots on every page of your Ad content;
4).Support  survey by 10-question and four-answer option ,  maximum number of the pages supported: no limitation.
User Interface Of Touchscreen Profiler
Optional motion sensor;
Auto USB update feature to quickly change content (content on SD card or internal memory);
Auto start upon receiving power;
Activity counter tracks buttons or touch;
Programmable timer to control media playback hours;
Autoconfig:Load system settings from configuration file (txt format) in SD Card or USB flash drive;
Support photo, music and movie looped playback;
Build-in two speakers with maximum 2W per channel audio output;
Security door protects media and power;
Strong shock-proof capability;
Mounting functions,VESA holes

Challenges Of Today's Ordinary Commercial Tablet When They Are Employed For In-Store Advertising:

1#. Most Small and Medium-sized (SME) Buyers Don't Have In-House Software Team, Neither The Hardware Manufacturers In China.
2#. End Users (Brands On Shelf ) Are Not Willing To Disclose Their In-Store Promotion Campaign Details To Other Companies Before It Is Launched.
3#. Android Becomes Fragmented For Android Based Commercial Tablets, Each ROM Has Different Customization And Compliance With Digital Signage Apps, Software Vendors Without Hardware Experience Can NOT Offer One-Stop Solution. 

For No.1, 

"I don't have an app for advertising application on retail tablet ?"
Don't Worry, We Have A QuickSign Author For You To Design Your Own Act Of Content Like Make A PPT.

For No. 2, 

"Can I Design The Content With Your Software In-house ?"
Yes, You Can DIY It Via Your Own, And Export  The Assemlyed Content Into A Blank SD Card, Insert the SD Card Into Our Device & Power On To GO !

For No. 3,

"Can I have root-access, hidden status bar, power-on autorun, driver for printer.... ?"
We Have Optimized Our Hardware To Make It Commercial-friendly And Tech-free For Setup.
And We Have Built Various POS Peripheral Interface With Fixed Parameter In Our Content Author Tool, What You Need Is To Click And Select From A Drop Down Button And Name Your Device, For Pro-Users, We Can Offer You Some Simple Syntax To Write A Configuration Text File And Copy It Into The Designaged Folder.
POS Peripheral Integrated into Content Authoring Tool
Item Description (based on iView-1500)
LCD screen 15 inch (diagonal) Digital LCD Panel, 4:3
Resolution 1024x768 (RGB)
Brightness 300cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Touch screen 4-wire resistance
Power Supply DC12V
Power consumption 30W (max)
Memory Card SD, MMC, MiniSD, MicroSD (adaptor needed),MS/pro
(Optional), CF(Optional)
File system FAT16/FAT32
File type/extension name: Supported Video MPG/AVI
Video Codec: MPEG-1, MPEG-2,MPEG4, MJPEG, DIVX
Supported Photo File Type/extension name: JPG/JPEG
Photo file codec: JPEG
Supported Audio MP3/AC3 codec

Our customizing solutions include but not limited to the following:

Chassis design & tooling engineering;

Branding acrylic faceplate;

Private labelling

free touch screen software with tech-free operation, design touchscreen layout,
support  survey by 10 question and four answer option ,  250 pages maximum,
define touch spots and program the menu

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